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Expression x Sirius x Parcival

May we introduce to you our young imported KWPN Gelders stallion: ‘Nox’. This powerful 16.2hh boy has Expression as his sire, who is a son of the well known and much sought after dressage producer Vivaldi. Expression was bred by the van Norel family of the Pretendenthoeve. He competed very successfully at international Grand Prix dressage level with Diederik van Silfhout.

Expression's dam is Melody, who was National champion as a three year old, and competed in sports to 3rd level. She could easily go further but the breeders decided to make her a broodmare for her great dressage genes. Melody’s sire is Vincent, who was a very successful dressage stallion, winning the National Champion title in the Grand Prix.

Nox his registered name is ‘Nidion van Heemstate’, which we shortened to ‘Nox’. He was bred by Wemke Staatsen of ‘Heemstate’ in the Netherlands, a family of many generations breeding with successful Gelders lines. His dam is Dione van Heemstate by Sirius. She was National champion of the Gelders fillies. Unfortunately she got injured as a young horse so she has only been a broodmare. Her dam is the ster Keur eligible mare Wendie (Parcival x Zichem).

On the eight 2022 foals born, we have seen Nox adds size, power, balance and posture on both Gelders and dressage mares. The most outstanding to us is how easy of temperament they all are and how correct their foundations are. Nox showed to breed more of a modern than classical Gelders type.

Nox will be presented to the KWPN NA for licensing as a Gelders stallion in 2023.

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